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About Us

888 Hosting has been in the hosting business for over 15 years.  Originating in the US, we moved to Hong Kong in 2003 yet kept our servers in the USA.

Our primary focus is on providing reliable and cost effective hosting for companies in Asia that would like to host their websites in the USA.  There are multiple reasons for wanting to do this with the main one being, to have a fast and reliable connection, for intended western customers, and, to maintain full control on the domain and emails.  This is not an option in many Asian countries where your ISP maintains full control of your domain and quite often you are only allowed a single email account.  In addition, within China, the firewall and blocks add an additional layer of delay that can quite often slow sites down so much that someone from the US trying to visit a sight may time out.

This not to say that we only supply hosting for Asian companies.  In fact, the majority of our customers are located in the USA.
We are not the cheapest hosting available, nor do we wish to be.  So one may wonder how a hosting company can survive when there are big hosting companies out there advertising hosting for as little as $1.00 a month?  Well, the answer/s to that is actually quite simple and no doubt you have probably thought it to be true yourself.

It is not so difficult for someone to offer hosting at $1.00 a month when you put 5,000 to 10,000 web sites on a single server.  Yes, servers can hold that many sites but think about the advertising that you are bombarded with for that kind of hosting company.  “Unlimited Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, $1.00 a month”.  Sounds to good to be true, right?  It is!  When you have thousands of sites on a server, the resources have to be divided among all of those sites.  It only takes a handful of heavy traffic sites to bring yours to a crawl or even cause the server to go down from too much load on the CPUs.

These kind of offers are also usually based on long term contracts or limited for a set period of time.  We have gained more customers from companies and people who were once hosted on such servers, than any other source.

  • What 888 focuses on is to greatly limited the number of sites per server, never more than 300 and often only 100.
  • To ensure that our servers are loaded with the systems needed to make your hosting useful and profitable but not bloated with a bunch of stuff you will never use.
  • We never allow any adult sites, gambling sites, SPAMMING sites or any form of illegal sites that could in any way cause harm to the servers or cause them to be shut down.
  • We strive to have the greatest amount of up-time as is possible.
  • We get to know all our customers by name.
  • We help far above and beyond just hosting matters.  If there is something that we can help with, why not.  It serves us to serve you even if the issue has nothing to do with 888.
  • We monitor not only the servers but your sites to know in advance if it appears there may be a problem such as a concerted effort by someone or a bot to crack your site or email.
  • We protect your site with STRONG encryption, firewalls and IP blocking to help keep your valuable information safe.
  • We do not openly advertise our hosting, we most often only accept referrals from existing customers but if you have found our site on your own, we do accept sign up requests directly from our site.