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Unix Hosting

888-Hosting currently only offers cPanel hosting on Unix servers.  Our hosting is not for everyone and we don’t want to host everyone.  We cater to those that are not looking for the cheapest hosting around but rather choose to be hosted on a reliable system with impeccable service.

We do not lure people in with the promise of ultra cheap hosting and put them on a server loaded down with thousands of sites.  Rather, we do no advertising at all.  We depend solely on word of mouth from our existing customers and the occasional soul who fortunately finds his/her way here.

We know our customers on a name bases and always treat you with respect.  If we are able to help, even with issues that are not actually related to the hosting/server, we will still do what we can because we wish for all our customers to get an enjoyable experience from using the net.

We have 1 plan for host, “Standard Unix Hosting” with one price  Unix Hosting Link
There are additional add on’s that can be selected during registration.