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Do I have to use an email client for email?

No, you don’t. We do have a web based interface for your email (webmail).
You get to the webmail by one of the following three ways:

1. http://yourdomain.com (.net, .info., etc…)/webmail. So, if your domain ends in .com then the link would be http://yourdomain.com/webmail. (Replace “yourdomain” with your actual domain name).

2. http://888-hosting.com/webmail

3. Navigate to http://888-hosting.com and click on the “Web Mail” link in the “Customer Services” column.

Once you arrive the first page will be a log in page. You will need to enter your full email address and your email address password.

After login you will be presented with a page showing 3 choices of webmail clients. There is no 1 that is better, everyone has different tastes. We suggest that you try them all to decide which one you like best.
Be sure not to click on the link, (Enable Auto Load) until you are sure of which program you like the best. Using this link on any of those will then cause that program to auto load when you log in instead of presenting the 3 choices. Rather, you should click on the Icon of the program you want to try.

You will note, on the 3 option page, at the bottom, there is a link for, “Change Password”. You can use this link at any time to change your password for your email account. But remember, once you change it here, if you have an email client set up on your PC, tablet, phone or other, you will need to change the password there also or your device will try, unsuccessfully, to log into your email many times and eventually block your IP on the server.