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All Email stopped, I didn’t change anything but I can no longer get or send my email.

There are a couple of reasons why this may happen.  The two most common are:

1.  Something has gone wrong with your email client (software) on your computer.  How to identify if this is the case?  Try logging into webmail, if that works, then you have an issue with your settings or there is a problem with your email client.

2.  Someone or something has made too many bad attempts to log onto the server, via email, FTP or cPanel, and the IP at your current location is now blocked on the server.  How to identify if this is the case?  Try logging into webmail.  If it fails then you are more than likely locked out of the server.

How to log onto webmail?  click here

What to do if the problem is my mail client?
Check all your settings and make sure they are correct.  How to check your email settings.
If you have checked all the settings and it is still not working, you may, in rare occasions, need to remove your email account from your email client and re-install.  If you have been using IMAP or POP3 with the settings of, keep copy on server, then all of your email will return to your email client after you set the email account back up again.

What to do if the problem is, “I am blocked”?
click on this link:  Check my IP
his will open a web page that will show you what your actual IP is (The IP of your router, how you are seen from the outside world, not the private IP of your computer in your local network).  If you are blocked it will be this IP that we need to clear up.
Next, put in a support ticket with the subject of, “My IP is blocked”.  Give us your account information and the IP address that was shown on the, “Check my IP” page.  We will determine the cause of the block and unblock that IP so that you can get in again.

Please remember, there was something that caused the block in the first place and until that is resolved, your IP will probably get blocked again.  You need to find out what caused the block in the first place.  A block is not just an arbitrary thing done by the server, it is only done if there are multiple bad log in attempts from that IP.  You may need to check your passwords, usernames and more than likely run a virus scan on your computer.